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"Son"shine Ministry

A Ministry of the Parish Life Committee
Messiah Lutheran Church of Skidaway Island 

The mission of our Sonshine ministry is to foster personal relationships within the congregational family through the activities of visitation, support and care for social and support purposes. 

Visit the About Us link to see the process for providing support and services to members in need.

The Calendar link is the place for you to add your comments or volunteer to provide a meal/ride. It is updated daily and comments are moderated (only members should post)   Thanks. 

The Requests link is a place for a member to reach out for support from our committee.  While you are encouraged to reach out through the Church office, or Pastor Jason, you may also send an email to this committee to communicate your needs or issues. 

The best way we think this will work is by referral -- if you know a member who may be in need, please reach out to them personally and see if they would like us to contact them.  Each of us is a Minister of Messiah Lutheran, and reaching out to those who know you best is a very strong say to express support from us all. 

The Meals on Wheels  link is the place for you to learn more about the Savannah Meals on Wheels program, which is coordinated through the Senior Citizens, INC. program on Bull Street Monday through Friday throughout the region and the Landings. We are here to help our members, but longer term solutions are available here, and grants are available. 

This page was last updated: April 10, 2017
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